Once upon a time...


In a Vancouver café, Chrissy met Cory and their worlds were forever changed. 

For Chrissy & Cory, falling in love was easy but they never expected to fall into business together. It was shortly after their engagement; one year after their 1st latte that it all began…they were on the hunt for the perfect timepiece. Having both fell in love with vintage designs, they realized that they had such similar and exquisite taste.  In search for something classically elegant and beautifully made, they were driven by a passion for the finer things. 

They wanted a boutique brand that offered subdued luxury, design that would make them swoon and realized none could be found. Their date night conversations turned into design conversations and before they knew it, they began working on their own collection. Amazed with what they were able to produce together, they put their concepts into production and in 2012 C+C Lifestyles By Design was born.