Hand Knotted


When we created the Lady Of The Pearl Collection we wanted to ensure the highest level of quality and integrity of our product. Hand knotting is the traditional way to make pearl necklaces and we believe that it's the only way to do it. Sure, it takes longer to make and it's very time consuming but we believe in making a quality product that will last. We only use the finest silk thread for the knotting process and it's done in Vancouver by C+C Lifestyles By Design. Why not have it made elsewhere and save on the labour charges ? We want to ensure that our necklaces are made with integrity and crafted in the traditional way . Integrity of our products means the world to us so you can rest assured that you can wear our products knowing that they were crafted with the utmost care. Our necklaces come with your choice of five different coloured silk tassels so you can coordinate them with your favourite outfits. We also made three different lengths because  each person is unique and different lengths fit differently on the body. Check out our whole collection of the Lady Of The Pearl  necklaces at C+C Lifestyles By Design