Memoir (from French: mémoire: memoria, meaning memory or reminiscence), is a literary nonfiction genre. More specifically, it is a collection of memories that an individual writes about moments or events, both public or private that took place in the subject’s life.

We would love to introduce ourselves to you. We are Chrissy and Cory and we started C+C Lifestyles By Design back in 2012 shortly after our engagement. For us falling in love was easy but we never expected to start a business together.  We are a small boutique company that is based in Vancouver, Canada. All of our designs are our own and we have sourced all of the materials so they meet our highest standards of quality and ethics. The leather for our Meraki watch straps are sourced from Italy and the watch mechanism is made and and assembled in Switzerland. We have assured that they are assembled in a factory that has the highest labour standards and ethics.  Everything from the packaging to the colour of the watch hands is designed in house by us. We are passionate about what we do and hope you love our products as much as we do.